Classic Crew FC

About Us

In 2017 our owner was in a near fatal car accident, shattering his knee cap and breaking his thigh bone. Due to the severity of his injures, he was out from playing soccer for a few months. During his recovery process, he would spend much time watching soccer and studying the game more.His love for soccer and wathcing Liverpool FC play, helped inspire him to transition into owning and managing a soccer team. 2 years later on November 15, 2019, Classic Crew FC was born.  Since its start date, CCFC has played across two different leagues in Maryland. Maryland Major Soccer League and Mason-Dixon Soccer Leage. Finishing 5th in MMSL and finishing 3rd in MDSL. CCFC also made it to their first championship game but fell short in a 2-1 loss, Since then we have taken our talents to the UPSL where we will fight to win it all!